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Vintage ‘Scando’ Poster

  • Vintage 'Scando' Poster
  • Vintage 'Scando' Poster close up
  • Vintage 'Scando' Poster close up 2

Some friends and I just started planning a trip to Copenhagen, Denmark to watch the Danes take on Norway in a Euro 2012 qualifying match later this year. I then realised that I didn’t actually know where Denmark was in relation to the other Scandinavian countries. I decided to make this my next post topic.

The idea was to create a hybrid ‘vintage’ poster / info-graphic that looked like it could have been found in a an eastern European geography book in the 70’s. I created the shapes and overall composition in Illustrator before using Photoshop to add texture and layer styles.

There will definitely be more in this ‘Scando’ series as I get more excited about the up-coming trip!

Posted on 04/04/11 in Illustration