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Design Diary launched back in February this year (2011) and was put together very quickly in order to start publishing the design pieces I had waiting. I was never really happy with the overall look of the site, but kept with it so that I could quickly turn it into a WordPress theme to start publishing.

The re-designed site will be marked up in HTML5 and use CSS3 for ‘experience’ layer touches, like subtle animations in the navigation for example. I also intend to make the site ‘responsive‘ – something I have been dabbling with for a while but haven’t had the chance to use on a production site as yet.

Making the site responsive means the layout will automatically be re-aligned depending on the size of screen or device that it is being used on. This gives further control over how the site is experienced at various screen sizes, providing a better overall experience.

Posted on 26/11/11 in Web