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2011 Round-up

  • 960 3-Column PSD Grid Template

With 2012 fast approaching and Design Diary almost 1 year old, I thought I would take a moment to reflect on this year and what has happened on the Design Diary blog.

There were 20 posts published with the site having over 1000 unique visitors. The most popular post was the textured contact form, from June. The most popular category was branding.

And it seems like Foals were the band I listened to most while working on all this.

For 2012

With the new design for the site almost ready to go-live, marked up in HTML5 and made responsive I should have more time free to work on posts for the site, rather than the site itself.

I’d like to top the 20 posts from this year, post on a more regular basis and start to write about new graphic and web design developments that I work with daily, such as responsive design, CSS3, grid systems, web fonts, freelancing and work flow.

Happy holidays!

Posted on 27/12/11 in Branding Graphics Illustration Interface Web