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Single page website design

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I have recently designed and built a single page site for myself. The idea is to have a single place to send people so they can find me on Twitter, Dribbble and LinkedIn, as well as directing them to this very blog. Kind of like a digital business card I suppose.

The site is meant to be very ‘visual’ and is stylistically more personal to me, rather than having to conform to any set structure, like a regular portfolio or business site. Plus, it’s fun to design something without any specific brief, with the main goal to make it reflect the style of design I would like to do more of.

The idea behind doing this single page site was formed while listening to Mike Kus’s talk at the recent Heart and Sole conference in Porstmouth. In the talk, entitled ‘Nine Things I’ve Learned’ (which was recently also featured on this year’s 24 Ways) Mike makes the point that:

“to become the designer you want to be, you need to be designing the things you’re passionate about designing”

This really hit home with me, and as an aside, made me realise that this is actually why I started this blog in the first place. So, it is my intention this year to produce more design in the style that I would like to do more design in. That makes sense right?.

You can see my single page site here

Posted on 01/01/12 in Web