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Distill the Web – Blog Design

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This is an initial design idea for a project the very talented Mr Ashley Stevens and I are working on.

The working title is Distill the Web, it will feature nice people who work on the internet writing about what they love to do. The overriding themes on the site will be web design and development, with each writer talking in detail about a specific topic, like HTML5 forms or font techniques for responsive web design, for example.

It will also include topics that surround the industry, such as freelancing or maybe even finance – whatever the author is passionate about. Most likely there will be a new post each month, from a different nice person.

Check out full screen shots for the home and author pages.

The illustrations, icons and decorative details were all drawn, scanned and processed by me for this design. I am in the process of making them and more like them available for free.

Some details

Shot within the attached design is Juice49 logo by @juice49.

Font used is the awesome Prova by Gerren Lamson.

The nice people on the authors page are Ashley Stevens, Mike Kus, Tom O’Malley, Matt Humphrey and Dan Edwards. Not that I have asked them if they would like to write for it yet, but I can confirm that they are all very nice.

Posted on 12/05/12 in Web