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Futureal Bundle

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The Coderwall Futureal Bundle is now live, and for a short time you can choose your price and dontate to the National Center for Women & Information Technology.

As soon as I was given the brief of ‘Retro-futurism‘ for this campaign I knew it would be great fun to design and code.

I started with some research, building a digital mood board of retro and science-fiction images from old magazines, posters and packaging¬† –¬† Designspiration is great for this.

Next, and where the design began really, I created the 3 main illustrations as vector drawings in Illustrator – everything else followed on from there. It’s always great when you have 3 main items to feature and work around, and I was lucky that I could loosely associate a different image to the 3 items in the bundle. I am particularly happy with the reel to reel ‘server’ – because obviously retro-future servers record data on tape, right?.

Other than the illustrations and decorative touches, the typography makes the design feel retro and playful. The fonts are from the awesome Lost type co-op and all three font creators were kind enough to let me use their fonts with @font-face for the web.

James T. Edmonson – creator of Wisdom Script, Eric Mortensen – creator of Saturn V and Ryan Clark – creator of Liberator, you guys rule.

I would liked to have made the site responsive, but I ran out of time. However, I am pleased with the subtle parallax effects on the night sky and coloured diamonds – drag the browser window size around and check it out.

View a full screen shot.

Posted on 20/07/12 in Illustration Web